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Curated by “High on the Hog” author Dr. Jessica B. Harris, African / American: Making the Nation’s Table explores African American foodways and their impact on our culinary traditions from farm to table.

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Pass The Plate

Our shared meal, Pass the Plate, is a bespoke interactive that focuses on iconic African-American meals from barbecue to box lunches, creating community and inviting visitors to join in important conversations about how food traditions evolved. In addition to the physical design, this interactive explores the complex subject matter of human and food migration through an immersive tablescape.

The transatlantic slave map and movement of people from Africa to America was explored through Pepper Pot, a meal similar to gumbo filled with ingredients cultivated in gardens of enslaved Africans.

Inspired by the remarkable quilt at the center of the exhibit, Blue Telescope brought in a bold color palette, highlighting the vibrant subject matter and providing intuitive wayfinding.

Honoring the African roots of American cuisine