An augmented reality
syringe helps deliver
more accurate treatment.

Injection Simulator


To improve accuracy, consistency, and confidence with injectable medications, Blue Telescope worked with Ipsen to develop a series of Injection Simulators.

The simulator comprises a life-sized mannequin bust with a soft surface and a custom syringe which is tracked in real-time with millimeter-accuracy. An adjacent digital display shows a 3-D view of the musculature and replicates the syringe's position and orientation.

Unique custom software and hardware interface enable hands-on learning for physicians and other medical staff working with injectables.

With virtual injection tracking and visual cues for muscle target hits and misses, doctors can train more effectively for encounters with real patients.


  • International Design Award
    Graphic Design (Bronze)
  • Communicator Award
    Interactive Media (Silver)
  • Summit Creative Awards
    Interactive Media/Healthcare (Gold, Silver)
  • Telly Award
    Pharmaceuticals (Silver)