Exploring the Universe.

Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

For an exciting new experience at the Kennedy Space Center focused on the future of space travel, Blue Telescope developed the Robotic Space Explorers Wall and the RL10 Upper Stage Rocket Challenge, deeply immersive and beautiful interactive adventures about some of our most iconic satellite missions.

The Robotic Space Explorers Wall is a fully-interactive 30’ x 9’ installation that invites multiple users to simultaneously visualize and engage with the vast number of space probes exploring our solar system. Three touchscreen monitors offer a detailed timeline, as well as a deeper dive into the history of each mission. Guests can launch satellites directly from the kiosks onto the wall, and follow each spacecraft as it ascends from Earth and heads out across the solar system.

Charting the past, present, and future of satellite exploration in a uniquely immersive experience.

The Aerojet Rocketdyne RL10 Engine Challenge interactive guides visitors through ignition of this flagship upper-stage rocket engine. Mixing liquid hydrogen and oxygen and initiating combustion at just the right moment brings the engine to life with a powerful roar!