We made the world's
most popular puzzle
even more fun.

Beyond Rubik's Cube

Liberty Science Center

Blue Telescope developed Liberty Science Center’s travelling exhibit Beyond Rubik's Cube to engage visitors with the culture, mechanics, and mathematics behind the world-famous puzzle.

Fifteen Digital Information Stations provide multi-lingual interpretation throughout the exhibit, presenting historical context, artifact labels, and animated how-to illustrations. Tablet-based stations use a customized CMS, allowing exhibit developers to readily manage text and visual content.

For Rubik’s fans, creating a 1200-cube mosaic artwork challenges artistry and algorithmic thinking on new levels.
From its invention in 1974, our interactive approaches bring the classic Rubik's cube into the 21st century.

Twisty Puzzle Design is a virtual workshop where visitors create, scramble, and solve their own virtual 3-D puzzles. Our Tessellation Maker lets visitors explore the geometry of patterns and tessellations through basic shapes which they can snap together to create complex objects. Keep an eye out for secret "Easter Eggs" that trigger colorful animations of tessellations found in everyday life.


  • AAM Muse Award
    Interactive Kioksk (Bronze)
  • Communicator Award
    Interactive Media / Education (2x Silver)
  • International Design Award
    Graphic Design (Silver)
  • Summit Creative Award
    Interactive Media / Education (Bronze)
  • Telly Awards
    Education (2x Bronze)