What do kids need to know
about going viral?

Transmissions Interactive Comic

New York Hall of Science

Transmissions: Gone Viral is a digital interactive comic book created in collaboration with the to help kids understand how viruses spread as well as the scientific process utilized to help identify the specific viral strain. The New York Times noted, "The novel is also terrific (and not alarmist) entertainment."

More recently, Transmissions: Gone Viral has helped educate audiences online about the spread of viruses during the COVID19 crisis.

Inspired by the 1999 West Nile virus outbreak and eventual diagnosis, the 60-page comic book story approaches the scientific mystery through the eyes of three inquisitive children from Queens.

The web-based project also features a series of interactive mini-activities.

Build a Body illustrates the similarities and differences between human and animal bones via a matching game. Our Map the Evidence activity encourages readers to draw comparisons and formulate scientific hypotheses based on the evidence in an environment. Gone Viral! casts the player in the role of a virus as it jumps back and forth from bird and mosquito vectors attempting to infect as many hosts as possible.


  • Communicator Award
    Interactive Media / Education (Gold)