Crossing the finish line throughout history.

Driven to Win

The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Blue Telescope developed 23 unique media experiences for The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation to immerse visitors in the high-octane world of American racing. Driven to Win: Racing in America is a permanent exhibit tracing the history of speedsters in the United States.

Textural Entrance Projections across a 50-foot banner welcome visitors to the exhibit, an exciting montage highlighting what’s to come. Other video installations include Igniting the Passion (a celebration of amateur racers and enthusiasts) and a Pit Crew Interview with Brehanna Daniels, NASCAR’s first female African American pit crew member.

Perspectives uses archival and custom audio to tell the history of racing in America through the voices of key figures over the last decades.

Standing six feet tall, the Leaderboard brings contemporary racing to the forefront of the exhibit.

The display counts down to the next big race and updating in real-time with news about the racing events and trends of the day. The “Find Your Role” Quiz allows museum-goers to discover what part they would play on a racetrack, from driver to pit crew member to announcer.

The Sports Car Performance Center tracks the development of the Le Mans-winning Ford 2016 GT. A dynamic Project Board introduces the design phase and a Triptych setup explores Ford’s optimization process. A seven-monitor replica of a Pit Box offers museum-goers a driver’s-eye-view, replaying the winning lap of Le Mans and tracking car telemetry data.

Virtual Design Interactive invites guests to modify and see the differences between race cars and other road vehicles for themselves.